Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Neil Diamond Cover Band Film to Play / Not Play at Southpoint Park on Aug.16th

According to a Gothamist article / interview with Rooftop Films founder Mark Elijah Rosenberg the documentary film “Song Sung Blue” about the Neil Diamond cover band Lightning & Thunder is to play on Roosevelt Island on August 16, 2008. According to the Rooftop Films website the movie is slated to play at Southpoint at 9:00 pm with a karaoke session taking place at 8:00 pm.

No confirmation from RIOC as to the scheduling of this event and we have seen no advertising on Roosevelt Island. If this event is confirmed it may be our last opportunity to watch a outdoor film at Southpoint as the RIOC Summer Movie Series relocated to Firefighter's Field this year.

UPDATE: For RIOC's response see the Roosevelt Islander blog. Don't be putting on your Neil Diamond outfits just yet as apparently this film may not qualify as family friendly..

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