Wednesday, August 27, 2008

WSJ: UDC's Ed Logue Needed at Ground Zero

Today’s Wall Street Journal notes that the Ground Zero projects needs greater direction on the scale of a City Planner like Ed Logue who helped develop Roosevelt Island in the early 1970’s. Most City development types these days, the story reports, would not even know who Logue is and the same goes for most Roosevelt Island residents.

It was Logue’s vision, while at the Urban Development Corporation, that got the project off the ground that became our Roosevelt Island. Logue had the vision and abilities of a Robert Moses and the style to not be a tyrant like Moses. His other most publicly know NYC project while with the UDC was helping to rebuild the Bronx at a time when no one thought it worth the effort. Two articles (1, 2) from the NY Times remember Logue upon his passing in 1990. A website exists that remembers him even today, The Friends of Ed Logue.

Sketch from WSJ article cited

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