Thursday, August 28, 2008

First Fruit Cart Comes to Island

Roosevelt Island moved one step closer to "retail" civilization with the opening this morning of Onur Benirbaz's fruit and vegetable cart right across from the entrance to the local subway station. In honor of the opening a free banana is being given away to each potential customer.

Mr. Benirbaz has two other carts open in the City, one in downtown Manhattan and one in Brooklyn Heights. The cart in Brooklyn Heights apparently opened with a bit of controversy as localmerchants were not thrilled with the competition and the story eventually even hit the newspapers.

The opening of this cart stand will be welcome addition to the island's morning commuters as it was stocked with fresh fruit and vegetables that all looked great.


  1. How are the prices? The advantage of those carts has always been the incredibly affordable prices. Cheaper fruits on Roosevelt Island would be great.

  2. The prices r better than the local market and the fruit is great. This is a great asset to RI. Now if we can get more resturants and stores...

  3. The fruit guy was missing in action today (9/4). I hope he's not giving up already.