Thursday, August 14, 2008

From There to Here: East 33rd Street / Lex to Roosevelt Island

On a sunny day getting from East 33rd Street and Lex to Roosevelt Island one would expect that commuters would travel either via (1) the Northbound 6 train to 59th Street/Lex and then walk to the Tram or (2) take the uptown M101/102/103 bus via Third Avenue to East 60th Street and walk over to the Tram.

But if it is (a) raining and you want to avoid being above ground altogether or (b) if the Tram is temporarily shut down due to lightning or (c) next year shut down for reconstruction how would you accomplish your goal?

Simple: The Downtown 6 Train connection to the F Train at Broadway - Lafayette.

Now granted this adds a little bit of time and has you going South away from Roosevelt Island on its first leg but it is quite possible. This obviously also works from any downtown 6 line station. It is does not work from the Uptown Number 6.

[Administrative legal housekeeping: The subway map segment shown is copyrighted by the MTA / NYCTA and has only been modified to add pop up instructions and terminus points. The full subway map can be found HERE.]

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