Thursday, August 14, 2008

For Selfish Reasons: My View

As a Roosevelt Island based blogger I have written extensively about my concerns that overdevelopment of the island will overburden our infrastructure etc etc. But I will admit also that a resident I have no problem with Hudson / Related slowing their development of their Riverwalk Southtown complex if it means I get to keep the one scenic view my apartment has of the Queensboro Bridge.

It is a foregone conclusion that when Buildings 7, 8, and 9 are built my view will be gone forever so if a slowing economy delays any ground breakings and steel from being erected between the Riverwalk Toddler playground and Firefighters Field I will not argue or feel bad for the developer, or any prospective tenants, as it will allow me a few more months of being able to look out my window and see my sliver of the 59th Street Bridge.

Sure I am still concerned about the number of future residents overrunning our subway and tram but for now I ask is it selfish of me to wish these buildings never get built just because I want to keep my view? You bet.

southtown 423 pts rendering with addresses

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