Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sharing Governor’s Island: The Roosevelt Island Model?

Over the past few days there have been a number of articles, on line and in print, regarding the issue of sharing Governor’s island using the Roosevelt Island model. My question is what is that model?

In short Roosevelt Island politically votes for Manhattan elected officials, is part of Manhattan School District #2, and Manhattan Community Board 8. For emergency services Roosevelt Island is served by a Queens based NYPD police precinct (the 114) and by Queens based FDNY houses. The latter services dictated by the fact that Roosevelt Island’s only connection to the mainland being the Roosevelt Island Bridge connecting the island to 36th Avenue, Long Island City. I am unsure which borough serviced then Welfare Island before the Bridge’s construction. Presumably either borough could have sent units to the middle of he Queensboro Bridge and taken the elevators down to the island.

Other than this division of services and political sub-divisions what sharing agreement / model is there? At present, the day to day operations of the island are not even run by City agencies but by the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation, a state created authority whose predecessor the Roosevelt Island Development Corporation and the UDC, were created to rebuild the island and manage it under a lease with a New York City that had allowed the island to go to waste and disrepair.

So how that model would work with out a bridge from Governor’s Island to Brooklyn I am not sure. But I would support such a bridge.

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