Sunday, August 10, 2008

Last Leather Strap Post ?

Apparently the New York Daily News enjoys writing about leather as much as we do as they ran a story this past Friday August 8th, similiar in theme to our own 7/24 post, about the leather hand straps in our Roosevelt Island Tram being the last in the MTA system.

Nice to see in print RIOC President Steve Shane's statement that the straps will be going to the Rooseevelt Island Historical Society when they are retired. As a fan of the NYC Transit Museum I hope at least one would end up there as I also wish the Tram would be given some sort of mention there.

I learned from Judy Berdy, President of the RIHS, that the current straps when worn down have been replaced as needed through a Queens leather / shoe repair shop so it's unclear which if any of the current straps are actually original to the Tram's inception.

Update: 7:00 pm - Monday Aug 11, 2008

My apologies to Brendan Brosh over at the News if he felt in any way my above post above was taking a dig at his article at is was not my intent.

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