Monday, September 1, 2008

View from the Beekman Tower Hotel

Roosevelt Island : South of the QB Bridge

My wife and I had lunch this past Friday at the restaurant "Top of the Tower" in the Beekman Tower Hotel located at East 49th Street and First Avenue. As opposed to most guests we chose a view of the East River and Roosevelt Island. No surprise there. The food was very good and the lunch prices quite reasonable.

Great views of the island and of the East side in general. I expect to post addition pictures on Flickr in the coming days. The above photo can be seen fully HERE and the full set HERE once they are posted. I can only imagine the views at night.

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  1. Funny! I was staying at that very same hotel this weekend. Arrived Friday AM and left today (Monday). I was in NYC to check on construction progress of my future home, the RiveWalk Court. My room at the hotel had the same view of these pictures only from the 17th floor.