Thursday, November 8, 2007

Update: “Roosevelt Island – Land Without Dogs” Movie

Land Without Dogs

Please pardon the poor screen shot from the Land Without Dogs movie. But great news for anybody like me that has never seen the movie. It looks like the movie will soon be digitized and a link made available here for those interested to see this hilarious film. If you can’t wait a few snippets are shown within the YouTube Jeff Powers “reel” we presented HERE a week or so back.

Now granted a lot has changed since this film played at the 2004 Film Festival and there are now plenty of dogs on the island but that privilege may actually be traced back to the dogs in this movie. They were trailblazers fighting for the right to be on this Island. Since I have not seen the movie, all of this is made up in my mind but I am just so excited that if everything works out we may soon see the movie. Hooray! Thank you Jeff Powers! Thank you Mr. / Ms. Director!

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