Friday, November 9, 2007

Manhattan’s Tramway Plaza – Images from Yesterday and Today

Even though Tramway Plaza is not technically part of Roosevelt Island it is as much part of the island psychologically to residents as anyplace else and when a resident reaches the plaza at the end of a long day they know they are almost home.


Tram Plaza - Cuhaj - img_38702 - NYC Subway org

Copyright 2005 George Cuhaj via NYC


Images of the interior Plaza brickwork and the picture of the Tram station itself were taken from the Bridge & Tunnel Club web page for Tramway Plaza.

Park Rededication Links:

< Parks News Release – July 19, 2007
< Photos from the Rededication
< Daily Plant

Past Art Installations:

Entrance to a Garden – Dennis Oppenheim – May 2004

Art - Entrance to a Garden - Oppenheim - 2004 - v2a

NYC Parks Dept. Press Release


Tramway Park Map

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