Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Subway Escalators Come and Subway Escalators Go


Lower Mezz to Upper Mezz


Uppper Mezz to Street

The ongoing reconstruction and rehabilitation of the Roosevelt Island subway escalators appears to be marching on. No sooner have we been given back an operational pair of escalators that run between the street level down to the lower mezzanine, ES 411 and ES 414, that it appears that ES 412 and ES 415 may be boarded up until Fall 2008.

PB200409_Escalator Closed Sign

In the last few weeks the construction crews already boarded up ES 417 and ES420 which operated between the lower mezzanine and the track platforms after opening up ES418 and ES419.

So far the biggest complaints about the rehabbed equipment, as noted in a Letter to the Main Street WIRE, is the ongoing voice announcement heard now on the platforms to watch your step and hold the hand rails. If we get back, at the end of all of this construction, 10 working escalators (before the Tram possibly is taken off line for repairs and replacement) that don’t break down every other week who cares what the announcement says and how annoying it is.

escalators - 2007 nov 20

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  1. Thanks for this information and for the graph with the escalator layout. Very useful!