Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Poster Kiosks: Let There Be Equity!

I am sure there are rules maintained by RIOC regarding the poster kiosks we have scattered up and down Main Street. But sometimes I wonder who is enforcing them. Other times I feel I must have lousy luck as I seem to post my flyers the evening before the kiosks are completed stripped clean. Yes this is a bona fide gripe post.

Holiday Wonders Poster Wrap

One thing that really bugs me is demonstrated in the above picture. Kiosk hogs. It’s one thing to place two flyers on a single kiosk so people see the flyer coming and going. I admit I have subscribed to this practice. Hey my posters are only 8 ½” by 5 ½“ and two of them together only equal one full piece of paper so I don’t feel I have been too hoggish. But these posters are not flyers but full size posters and there are generally three of them (in this case four) on each of the kiosks I have seen them on.

And guess what they are not even advertising an event that is taking place on Roosevelt Island. The “Holiday Wonders” event being advertised is at the Beacon Theatre in Manhattan. For more info double click the above picture to see a closeup of the entire poster. Now they have got nothing to complain about as I have given them free advertising.

Hey I not saying these oversized posters should be removed entirely or that the kiosks have to be biased towards island based events and organizations but a little equity would be appreciated.

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