Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nov. 30, 2007 - Wheelchair Charities Annual Christmas Gospel Show at Goldwater Hospital

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I know absolutely nothing about Gospel music but when I saw the below poster and saw that the show is sponsored by Wheelchair Charities benefiting Coler-Goldwater Memorial Hospital here on Roosevelt Island I knew the show must be worth seeing.


Double click the picture to see a larger view of it.

As noted on the poster the scheduled performers include Byron Cage, Jerry White & The Fellowship Choir, Jay Caldwell and the Gospel Ambassadors, and the God Sons of New Jersey. That just sounds like a lot of great music.

We have a lot of great charitable foundations on this island or benefiting island residents and they all deserve our support, physically and monetarily. I have to admit that when I see the back of a wheel chair and it reads donated by Wheelchair Charities or the full size blue school bus with the same message it just makes me smile because there are few charities like this one that you can see the results in your own backyard. Without this organization’s work and that of the staff at Coler-Goldwater many of the residents and patients at Goldwater would never get outside to enjoy this Island and the amenities it has. For a patient to be able to enjoy the outdoors with for example a new chair on their own terms can only help them in their rehab or just getting by dealing with what life has thrown at them.

So if you plan to be around Friday, November 30th, add this concert to your calendar for the music and the chance to help a fellow resident via the cost of your ticket.

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