Friday, November 9, 2007

Transportation Issues Drive Resident Off Roosevelt Island

carnegie hill pic

Not all neighborhoods fit all individuals. Two days ago one former Roosevelt Island resident, Michael Mulvey of the blog Daily Exhaust, expressed his relief in a post titled “Uptown Baby, Uptown Baby” about returning to Manhattan:

Goodbye Roosevelt Island, hi Carnegie Hill.

I have to tell you, my wife and I feel great being back in civilization. We didn't realize how much we missed Manhattan. No more red bus, no more Tram. Do you understand how good it feels to take the 6 train straight to work with no transfers?”

Based on this text it would appear that it was more than transportation issues alone that fueled his gratitude for being off Roosevelt Island. Who knows but certainly in the coming years with the expected growth Mr. Mulvey will not be the only resident or former resident chafing at how to commute on and off Roosevelt Island.

It goes without saying that Main Street Roosevelt Island is not Madison or even Lexington Avenues but we do have our share of civilization. As for taking the 6 train over the Tram at least when I am sardined into the Tram I have a beautiful view.

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  1. The biggest transport problem on Roosevelt Island is the Red Bus. Even with 8 buses, the mismanagement and lack of accountability to a printed schedule makes it the biggest bottleneck in travelling to the north of the island.

    How hard is it to run buses up and down one street? At nights, when bus use becomes almost vital to safety, the bus arrives at the tram after 5-10 mins of the tram touching down. By that time, people have already given up and started walking. The result is an empty bus travelling both ways even though there are enough people who would have taken it.

    RIOC needs to publish a schedule of when the bus is supposed to leave Octagon/ Firehouse and the Tram station. There must be a system of redressal if the bus driver does not stick to this schedule which is very often the case.