Sunday, November 4, 2007

The NYC Marathon – A Tram View

Each of these NYC Marathon photos are taken from the Roosevelt Island Tram and were found on Flickr. The first is by Katrinkles from the 2006 Marathon. The second by New Amsterdam 2005 of the 2005 Marathon. Go to either of these links to see larger versions of these pictures.

marathon 2006 katrinkles

Marathon 2005 New Amsterdam

Last year was my first year riding the Tram on Marathon Sunday. It’s exciting to see the runners on the Lower deck of the 59th Street Bridge from a view that most people do not see and the helicopter cameras just can’t get. The Tram was packed last year with Islanders and visitors alike all pointing their cameras at the bridge hoping to get a great picture of the race. As such I was surprised to find so few pictures on Flickr.

It’s also exciting to see the runners step off the bridge onto the exit ramp as their excitement raises as these are their first steps into Manhattan before they run up First Avenue into the Bronx and then back down towards Central Park. I am not sure what mile marker the bridge is in the race.

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