Monday, November 19, 2007

QueensBorough Bridge Kitty Not From Roosevelt Island


I saw this story on Gothamist last Friday and I could not resist posting about it here. One as the real kitten is adorable, the story heart warming, and it includes a photo of Roosevelt Island in the background. RI is on the left side of the picture.

Bridge_Kitty_Blog Page Photo

Apparently a kitten wandered up (we hope he was not dumped there) onto the pedestrian walkway of the 59th Street Bridge and a women who was walking across saw the kitty and rescued it using an empty paint can from the current bridge reconstruction project. For the whole story link HERE to a blog post written by the rescuer herself. The kitten has been named Jeff Bridges. Fifty years ago it might have been named after Lloyd, Jeff’s dad.

If the old staircase or upside down elevator still connected Roosevelt Island to the Queenborough Bridge the kitten conceivably could have come from one of the wild colony of cats on the Island but even then walking South from Octagon Park seems unlikely.

Direct YouTube Link by LisaCat

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