Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tram Off Line - Mechanical Problems

Tram Out

I received an email that the the Tram may be off line this evening due to mechanical issues. The RIOC contact number regarding the Tram indicates that the Tram is running normally as does the RIOC website. Probably just a short outage.

Note the tram's alleged outage has not been confirmed with a second party at this time.

If anyone hears otherwise please let me know via e-mail at RooseveltIsland360@gmail.com

UPDATE: 8:42 pm - I just received a second e-mail confirming that the Tram is indeed "disabled".


  1. It is indeed off....I am waiting for the man of the house to come home and he just left the tram to walk back to the subway. Electrical problems is the posted issue.

    So... this brings me to the major point that many of us at The Octagon have discussed - there simply HAS to be a water-taxi or ferry.

    The only other alternative is to rapidly build a foot bridge... but the discussion has to get loud and real and based in the reality of leaving all of us stranded here for a whole weekend.

  2. a footbridge or ANY bridge to manhattan is -never- going to happen. not. ever.


    because it would need to be as high as the queensborough bridge to allow ship traffic to pass below. since there is no room for a long, easy-sloped stair or ramp on either side of the east river, it would need large, high-speed elevators to carry people that high, and that would entail great expense... and you'd still need to figure out where to put the thing.

    access to the qborough pedestrian walkway is do-able, but they claim 'homeland security' issues. which is horsesh*t; any terrorist with half a brain would just walk over from queens to do... whatever dhs fears they'd do. why on earth would they come here first?

    the ferry would be great, and if it stopped by the UN it might even benefit someone on the island besides octagonites.

    anyways, it all goes back to my opinion that further development on the island WITHOUT prior infrastructure construction borders on the insane, if not the criminal.