Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Morning Commute – Schools Open, More Feet in Local Subway

Today is the first morning that theoretically should subject the recent Roosevelt Island elevator / escalator / stair configuration to a full test as most schools are back in session and very few people are still taking Summer vacations.

My older child wanted to be at school early so we arrived at the station by 7:55 am and it was a fairly quick wait for the elevator, the pkatfirm was not crowded, and the trains were not yet packed. No seats but standing was not a hassle and a half.

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  1. When I arrived at the platform, approx 9:25 it wasn't crowded, but the first train to come was too crowded to board, which is unusual at this time. Finally got on the following train at about 9:35 and it was still a tight squeeze.