Sunday, September 28, 2008

Vietnamese PM Stays on Local Roosevelt Island Couch

According to a local Roosevelt Island residents blog "The Fryer's Club" the Prime Minister of Vietnam was apparently staying in their building for the United Nations General Assembly sessions. The bloggers, Scott & Elly, knew something was up when they noticed the Secret Service hanging out in their lobby and black cars parked all around their building.

Per Scott & Elly: "Haven't met him yet, but I'll let you know if I do. He looks like a nice guy, right?"

Residents have been aware that among the diplomats living on the island were representatives from Vietnam but it is surprising that their Prime Minister decided to bunk on the island during this year's session.

Links to Fryers Club Post: NY Times City Room; New York Observer

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  1. This happens every year. I wonder if NYC hotels are too expensive for some of the delegates. This year most of the secret service folks have been hanging out in front of 10 and 40 RR. It is annoying when they decide to take one of the elevators out of general service just for one person's use. That happened last year.