Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mystery Photo: Roosevelt Island Tied to Sutton Place ?

On eBay today there is a Roosevelt Island matchbook cover up for auction. What is interesting about it is that the cover includes the phrase “400 YARDS EAST OF SUTTON PLACE".

Does anyone know why a Roosevelt Island matchbook was created much less printed with a reference to Sutton Place. The phone number on the matchbook looks familiar but is apparently hooked up to a fax machine.


  1. I found a reference for the "400 Yards East of Sutton Place". This site refers to an ad in the New York Times in 1977 that advertised Rivercross apartments. I assume the matches were from that time and the telephone number was used by the Rivercross management office? At this point of time some club in Chelsea is using that numer.

  2. It is again useful to remember that the island was developed from scratch and had to be marketed in the beginning - especially Rivercross with virtually no upper income limits - so those who like to snipe at Rivercross should realize this. The building began with virtually no restrictions, and since has been a square peg that DHCR, which didn't even exist until the following decade, has stubbornly been trying to bang into its round hole.