Monday, September 8, 2008

Can RIOC Buy a Few Double-Decker Buses?

The MTA started a 30 day trial run of a double decker bus around NYC. Perhaps the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation can buy a few for our morning rush hours or at least to take residents into Manhattan when the Tram is out next year.

How much can they really be? At least those residents that complain about the current quarter fare could no longer argue as everybody would get on and even get a seat!


  1. Roosevelt Island does not need double-decker buses. What it needs is educate folks on how to be considerate to others during the rush hours. It's pretty much a two step program: 1) fold those strollers and 2) you are not going to get hurt by going up the two steps in order to move all the way to the rear of the bus.

    Those two points are pretty much the reason why so much space is wasted on the bus.

  2. RIOC or MTA Bus Q102 cannot handle double-decker bus and articulated bus because of narrow streets, turns and low clerance bridge with narrow space.

  3. I will admit my "call" for such buses here was partly in jest.