Sunday, September 21, 2008

Roosevelt Island KidFest - October 2008

Roosevelt Island KidFest 2008. The concept of holding a weekly children's event on the commons at Southtown's Riverwalk complex is pretty cool. I am guessing many island parents will be taking full advantage of the events and lending their families as extras towards enticing new families to move here.

The big question for Hudson / Related is how many families from off island can the event attract. Certainly the exposure in Time Out New York Kids and Big City Moms will help and especially by booking groups each week that many families know and follow.

Seems like a win win to everybody. While I heartily support the events and will be out with my own kids I still have great concerns about over development on this island and the effects on our infrastructure. I also wonder what current tenants at the Riverwalk 3 and 4 will think about giving up their October Saturdays for all the hoopla outside their windows.

Putting aside all this hum bug I invite all readers off island to come and visit as this is a great place to spend the day, and these events look like a lot of fun, and as a "young" family we are enjoying living here very much.

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