Tuesday, September 2, 2008

PSD Responds to Fire at 546 Main Street

Having survived a fire many years ago where I was rescued by firemen after I collapsed due to smoke inhalation I appreciate any opportunity to thank individuals who run into a fire to help others.

According to a report I received earlier today from PSD Director Keith Guerra, four of his officers responding to a smoke alarm report at 546 Main Street (Apt 1018) this past Saturday night at about 10:50 pm found that smoke was coming from Apartment 1016, the apartment of Woodrow Deas. Mr Deas was able to open his door and the four oficers entered and extinquished the fire which was located in the kitchen.

Along with Mr. Deas I would like to thank the following Officers: John Malone, Brian Rivera, Anthony Clemente and Nicholas Sach. Thank you gentlemen!


  1. Many heroic deeds by Law Enforcement Officers and Firefighters go unmentioned in today's society. Thank you for not only bringing this to the community's attention, but for publically thanking the offcers involved. Way to go PSD!

  2. I have noticed a huge difference in the way PSD has been operating since January or so. RI has a great crew of officers now a days.

  3. yes, every officer named in this report is one of the new people that public safety has brought in. since guerra's been there it's more of a community police dept than a security office like it was treated in the past.

  4. To the responders, I Thank each of you. May God continue to watch over you and your love ones Jennifer Deas

  5. To the Fire Department and the Public Safety Department of Roosevelt Island, I thank you, really, for saving my life. Jen, I knew you cared, but only a daughter who loves you
    follows her dad on the net. God bless you.