Thursday, September 25, 2008

NYT City Room Blog Post re FDR Memorial

Sewell Chan of the New York Times City Room blog has posted an article today regarding the recent movement of the Louis Kahn designed FDR Memorial.

The article makes no mention as to how the design (30 years old +) is regarded by the local community. It makes no mention of what the space has become to the local community and what will be lost.

If you like or dislike the design here is a very public forum to leave your comments. Please do so.


  1. I find Kahn's design to be quite beautiful. The landing of the monument, first restricting, then liberating, sums up perfectly FDR's legacy and the difficult times he led our country though.

    As for the site's function, it presently attracts a very limited section of NYC's population, tourist or resident. I hardly see how more could be lost than gained by the memorial's construction.

  2. Mike, I ditto that. When you look at all the criticism by RI360 and RIer this is mostly about trees that will block the 360 degree view. One of the comments to the referenced NYTimes piece got one thing right: What is more beautiful than a tree in a metropolitan setting? I'd take some beautiful landscaping over a 360 degree view all the time.

  3. Anonymous is correct at least regarding my opposition. For this design I would prefer no trees. Beyond that I can live with it. I don't find it that inspiring.

    I wish the site was more ADA compliant so wheelchairs can enter the lawn by the stairs as opposed to having to roll down to the forecourt and then enter the lawn.