Tuesday, September 23, 2008

FDR Four Freedoms Park Billboard at Southpoint

As stated yesterday a billboard has been erected at Roosevelt Island's Southpoint which in truth simply provides a web site address regarding the future FDR Memorial Four Freedoms Park. It actually is not as large as my "satirical photo mock up" predicted. It still directs web users to a page soliciting funds towards the construction of the park. It does not specifically state that the location of the billboard to be the parks actual location.

It seems a wierd mix to see a sign discussing the four freedoms and basically a small gunboat in the foreground. The Coast Guard boat was in these waters to prevent any boats getting near the United Nations while the General Assembly is in session this week.

The Roosevelt Islander has a great post this afternoon about the billboard and FERI's use of this short term billboard to solicit funding for the park. I encourage readers to go to that post and read it as I agree with it fully.

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