Friday, February 22, 2008

Weather Disrupts F Train Service Disruption (This Week Only)

UPDATED 4:33pm

The Main Street WIRE is reporting that the MTA has announced that all scheduled track work, for THIS weekend, FEBRUARY 23-25, 2008, has been CANCELLED due to the weather. I see no announcement on the MTA website and the MTA advisories I have received did not include this statement. However the NY Times City Room blog is reporting the same report but again with no links to official notices.

The WIRE states that the MTA annnouncement makes no specific mention regarding the F Train so the announcement should be questioned until you see specific signage at the subway station.

At the same time the MTA has already announced that service NEXT weekend, March 1-3 is scheduled to be disrupted. If this weekend's service is "restored" then next weekend will represent disruption weekend # 7 out of 9 total weekends this year.

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  1. If you are signed up for MTA alerts, they did send one, which is what the Wire was quoting in its email.