Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Q102 Bus Crashes into Column Outside Video/Hardware Store

[Updated 12:00 pm - Second Paragraph] Late last night, at approximately 10:00 pm, a NYC Q102 bus crashed into one of the columns outside the hardware / video / general store. The above picture is from RooseveltIsland10044.com where additional pictures can be found.

It is unknown at this time if there were any injuries to the passengers or driver of the Q102. The info that it was a Q102 (and not a RIOC Red Bus] is according to a member of Eastwood Maintenance staff. When Greg Goodman from RooseveltIsland10044.com was taking pictures and asked a PSD officer what happened the officer replied only that "a bus crashed" with no indication which bus type was involved. Upon calling the PSD office this morning I received a similiar response and I have sent an email into RIOC asking for additional information and confirmation.

Based on the view this morning it also looks like a portion of the ceiling above the column collapsed as well. According to the same maintenance staffer via the building super the residents of the Eastwood apartment immediately above did not need to be evacuated.

Update - 11:45 AM

According to Stephen Shane, President of RIOC, (1) the driver and passengers of the Q102 were uninjured, (2) according to MTA policy the driver was "taken away" for mandatory testing, (3) the NYC Department of Buildings examined the damage and determined that the damage was cosmetic as the column was not structural and the ceiling damage was also cosmetic.

The black and white photos are courtesy of RIOC.

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