Thursday, February 14, 2008

Flat Stan Takes the Roosevelt Island Tram

There are many Flat Stanleys or Flat Stans but to our knowledge this is the first Flat Stan to take the Roosevelt Island Tram. Flat Stan started his journey at Manhattan’s Tramway Plaza and made his way into the Tram and then took the trip over to Roosevelt Island. Pictures of his adventures on Roosevelt Island will have to wait for another day. But for today enjoy the Tram trip with Flat Stan.


This Flat Stan’s trip started as a favor for a colleague whose niece needed Flat Stan to visit several NYC landmarks. Living on Roosevelt Island made me a target to take Flat Stan for a ride. And so we did. Flat Stan has traveled all over the world via numerous class projects (link here or here for two examples). Flat Stand also comes in my many colors and designs. There are currently 440 photos of Flat Stans on Flickr alone.

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