Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lamenting Our Culinary Exile….

On Chowhound last week it was asked of each reader to submit the top ten restaurants within 10 blocks of their apartment. As one Roosevelt Island resident replied we don’t even have 5 restaurants on the Island:

I live on Roosevelt Island. There isn't 5 restaurants within a 10 block area. No, Astoria is MORE than 10 blocks!

A Romanian Restuarant opened on 36th Avenue and Vernon Blvd., within the 10 block criteria. We dined there last night. My meal was OK, my wife's was so-so. Not a place I'd highly recommend. The only saving grace was it's BYOB for now. Caveat: They do not accept CCs. A Japanese Restaurant is scheduled to open on RI shortly. Politically incorrect, but I guess that's our great yellow hope.

That resident like my family is awaiting the opening of the Japanese restaurant slated to open perhaps this Spring. Nonno’s was a great addition but we need more choices. We certainly have enough residents to sustain a few more restaurants.


  1. The problem is the leasing on Main St - which I believe only leaves the retail space in Riverwalk as viable alternatives.

    So the cute little restaurant on the corner by the bridge does not take credit cards and does not let you buy a drink - gee, a place most NY'ers want to go.

    Maybe we can hope that more of the LIC move comes our way... what we need is more delivery from Astoria!

  2. if the line of sleet stays below staten island, we will get over a FOOT of snow in places! nearly 8" in central park now, over 10 in bklyn.

    sleet will halve snow pack, but another storm coming should add 2 - 3" before we are done. not a bad end to winter - wish my x-country skis weren't in storage somewhere!