Monday, February 11, 2008

MTA Construction Disrupts Service Yet Again...Weekends 6 & 7 Out 8 Total

The Roosevelt Islander today asks why yet again is the MTA slamming the F Line 63rd Street Tunnel yet again with service disruptions. The poster states it is due to needed electrical improvments but this absolutly ridiculous.

It used to be every weekend during the summer and we could count on service during the rest of the year but now it is virtually continual all year long.

To those individuals that say that the current service covers RI look again at the truth of this info. Yes, we get service in one direction and yes if we took the train along the alternative provided we can get home or to where we are going but other than the recent 7 line disaster what other section gets pounded with service disruptions like this.

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  1. I really wouldn't mind taking the Queens bound train to Roosevelt Ave and then switch to the F there IF the F wasn't an express train that makes you go half way through Queens before you can make the transfer. If it was just a five minute thing or so that would be cool. But going all the way to Roosevelt Ave it adds at least another 20 minutes or so. And that part sucks.

    When the F runs on the V line does it make local stops all the way? If so it will add another 15 minutes or even more.

    The MTA used to route Q train to 21st St whenever the F train was not running. Why don't they do that anymore?