Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bus Accident Shuts Down Hardware Store

Based on how Roosevelt Island's PSD taped off the Q102 bus accident scene it appears that the Hardware Store is closed until further notice. Hopefully the closure is not for too long. Main Street does not need another store going under.

Update: 12:00 pm Noon

It appears that either RIOC or Urban America already are on the job to start addressing the repairs needed to remove the damaged structural facade and column.

The crazy thing is that with the one lane road that is Main Street we can't even create a temporary pedestrian walkway in the road so residents and guests are forced for their own safety need to cross Main Street twice to walk around the taped off area.

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  1. Does anybody actually shop at that store? I used to rent movies from there but I harldy see anybody go in or out of this store.