Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Elected RIOC Board Nominees Are…..


Both the Main Street WIRE and PressHD are reporting that the above individuals have won election as RIOC Board Nominnees. Link to the WIRE for detailed election results.

According to the WIRE results page there were 1718 total votes cast. The question now is to wait and see how Governor Spitzer reacts and if he agrees to nominate each of these individuals to the RIOC Board and undergo the confirmation process.

Congratulations to each of the winners and thank you to each of the candidates that ran.


  1. The first-place finish of Katherine Teets Grimm left me scratch my head. Her answers at the candidates' forum were run-of-the-mill, she never attended a RIOC Board meeting, and of the position statements published in the Wire hers was among the laziest and least convincing. So how did she end up with the highest number of votes? Could the reason be name recognition? Ads for her practice are regularly plastered along Main Street and also appear in every issue of the Wire. It is also interesting to note that among voters from Southtown and the Octagon, Grimm finished sixth and fifth, respectively. I would love to hear from people who disagree and who think that Grimm was in fact the most qualified candidate.

  2. Perhaps name recognition was involved but for many of us we know her personally from bringing our kids to her pediatric medical practice. She's a very even keeled, no nonsense person and while her statement at the forum and perhaps in the WIRE were not as in depth as others we know her to be an honest, caring person, committed to this Island who has a deep history on the Island. I am betting that is partially how her vote total got so high.

    I am also looking to see if the numbers of voters by individual building will be released. So far the WIRE only published the vote tallies by voting location. They obviously could not know what building's residents voted for whom but I am curious how many residents voted from each building. When I was there at 6am all the voters I met were from Rivercross where Dr. Grimm lives. Not saying they all voted for her but many more neighbors would know her.

  3. I agree with Fred, Grimm was definitely one of the “clueless” candidates at the forum. Out of the six elected, in my opinion, only one qualifies to be elected to the board and that's Jonathan Kalkin. What happened to Shinozaki and Carew?

  4. Definitely agree that Kalkin is among the most qualified and motivated. I think it came down to seeing their names. The five elected nominees, besides Dr. Grimm, were the only candiadtes who put up any posters or put flyers under doors etc.

    As for Shinozaki and Carew I think their campaigns would have benefited from some posters.