Friday, February 29, 2008

How Would Roosevelt I. Change if Keyspan Plant Sold to Developers?

There is an article in today's NY Daily News , February 29, 2008, that included the news that the Ravenswood Keyspan Plant is up for sale. As stated in the article if it would be sold to real estate developers it is possible the plant could be taken down.

This is highly unlikely as the plant is one of only a few plants generating power for NYC. But can you imagine if the plant were dismantled and this area of Long Island City developed for residential use how it would impact Roosevelt Island?

The change in views alone would alter the real estate desirability (and affordability) of the island not to mention severly increase the air quality of the island and all of Western Queens.


  1. before the collapse of the american economy, i would have said SOMEone would be stoopit enough to buy the lot for luxury housing. now, i doubt they could get the money. unless they got taxpayer money in a sweetheart deal to clean up the brownfields underneath the plant, and THAT would never happen, right?

    big alice has always been a problem for her owners, so i'm not surprised they want to dump it. did you know that it was originally going to be a NUCLEAR plant??

    i'm willing to bet someone comes up with an idea to build condos on top and a new power plant underneath, like the one i saw mooted for brooklyn.

  2. I believe Allis refers to Allis-Chalmers Energy. Did they own the plant at one time?

    The link in the above comment is to a Queens Crap blog post which is about the same plant.

  3. Answered my own question:

  4. yes, big allis. sorry.
    not only that, but the sub-condo powerplant i was talking about is mooted for manhattan, not brooklyn.
    ah well - at least i posted in the right thread this time!