Monday, June 22, 2009

What Road Markings or Signs Make our Main Street Safer?

It has been said that Main Street on Roosevelt Island has too many signs by some and others want to replace the pedestrian yield signs with more stop signs? Which is safer for pedestrians I am not sure. Certainly requiring drivers to make a full stop would seem the most sensible.

Drivers who frequent Main Street at this point are well acquainted with the Yield to Pedestrian signs that sit in the middle of Main Street at most pedestrian crossings and which sometimes I believe many residents, foolishly, take to mean they have right of way no matter what.

I have also noticed that the painted street markers, from the street crossings themselves to the painted yield signs have faded at many locations and are in need of repainting. According to RIOC President Steve Shane the repainting of these markers is "RIOC's responsibility" and they have started a program to repaint the faded markers but they "need 2 dry days in a row to advance the whole project". Well I believe this week they are actualy projecting dry weather so maybe soon we'll see this repainting come to fruition.

Fading Pedestrian Crossing at 510 Main

As a parent with young kids, the older of which is clamoring to be given more freedom to run around with less supervision I am hoping the signage is enough to protect him from himself and all our neighbors. I have never heard of any serious incidents along Main Street and I hope it stays that way.

Well Painted Pedestrian Crossing at PS 217 (above)

Faded Pedestrian Crossing at 580 Main Street / Deli Bus Stop (below)


  1. excellent article. I enjoy your blog much more than the lunatic who runs the other one. You change topics, don't complain and don't beat the island topics to a bloody pulp (ie: parent arrested)

  2. The total lack of any type of regular traffic and motor vehicle control here on RI will sooner or later lead to a pedestrian fatality followed by a driver's cardiac arrest from shock. I have lived here long enough to see both irresponsible, careless PEDESTRIANS and all types of drivers ignore signs, painted roadways, and each other, and to see Public Safety selectively ignore some violations and giddily chase down non-violators and harass and ticket them.
    The Yield signs were installed in response to whining drivers that traffic was too slow up and down Main Street -- so the Stop signs were pulled. YIeld on RI seems to mean speed through places where people are actually crossing the street...This is so totally frustrating...

  3. I work at the Department of Finance for the City and was curious about this topic and the bloggers comments. I was told by a colleague who processes moving violation summonses that three-quarters of the tickets written on R.I. are given to folks who don't live on the island.

  4. most people who drive on the island do not live on the island. most islander residents walk to the motorgate garage, drive over the bridge off the island. upon returning, drive to the motorgate, park and walk to their residences. simple