Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Juice Business for Roosevelt Island

A new retail business started up this week on Roosevelt Island and it again is in Southtown / Riverwalk escaping the public authorities issues surrounding the empty storefronts on Main Street.

The business will be starting slow, opening a few days a week, and only a few hours each day. It’s young owners are balancing their education requirements as well as family life so you can forgive them if they start small. You will find their stand at the East end of Riverwalk Commons between the small bike rack and the Japanese restaurant. As noted on the shirt of one of the owners their location is right off the F Train.

They will be open, as per their original business plan, on Wednesdays and Friday evenings from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm and all day on Saturdays. All hours are contingent on the prevailing weather that day as well as who has not finished their homework at least until the school year officially closes.

The business has yet to decide on one name but they will be offering Sweet Lemonade or Slightly Sour Lemonade depending on that day's lemon shipment. Juice will be offered at $1 a cup but this blogger bets they will negotiate depending on the volume purchased.

No word yet how the young entrepreneurs expect to spend their profits or rather if they plan to reinvest in the business perhaps at an additional location further North on the island.

The youngsters probably recognize they are not the first to start a lemonade stand on Roosevelt Island so they may or may not realize this is a purely seasonal business. So if you are thirsty stop on by now while the stand is open.
Note: The blogger is not related to this new business or its owners in any way and himself found the stand by accident and through his own thirst for a good cup of lemonade.

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