Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Tram as School Bus....

In less than two weeks my near daily trips across the East River via the Roosevelt Island Tram to take one of my children to school (with a transfer to a downtown M15 bus) down near 23rd Street after 3 plus years will be coming to an end.

I have to say seeing the number of kids that travel off island via the Tram and subway to ge to school has been an a real eye opener. These kids are real troopers have had to deal with all the commuting nonsense their parents (me included) have put them through. It has also been a lot of fun as all the Tram operators have been great with my kids and all the kids and at least for me the kids have brightened every ride they have been on.

Next year both of my kids will be taking the F Train to get to school so we will not be affected by the Tram overhaul scheduled to start this coming September and most likely last most of the school year. G-d help those families that will be taking the F Train along with us that must then double back East and then also need to travel either Uptown or Downtown that would have simply taken the Tram as their School Bus.

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