Sunday, June 28, 2009

Call Box Status: Out of Service Total Increases

Update: 3:00pm within last paragraph
Ok, it can definitely be said I am beating the issue of Roosevelt Island's "Temporarily Out of Order" fire /police call boxes to a bloody pulp but regarding a safety issue I have no problem doing so.
As of this morning there are 9 boxes "temporarily out of order", 4 stumps, and only 7 working boxes. I actually have no idea if they are working I just know there are no posted notices they are not working.

All boxes South of Capobianco Field (not counting the box just behind the infield backstop) down to Southpoint Park's gate are out of service or have been reduced to a stump. As I stated in earlier posts it appears the City is in the process of decommissioning the box system, per discussion threads on If this is true so the chances of these boxes coming back online is slim.

Again I believe this is a loss of services to the community and I just wanted folks to know of this loss. I called 311 as suggested within the comments and was told to contact the FDNY with the number they provided. I will provide an update after I call tomorrow during business hours.

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  1. Call 311 and ask for the Fire Dept to explain this.