Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What if they remade Nighthawks today?

Roy Edroso over at the Village Voice blog Runnin’Scared had some fun mocking up remakes of 1970s movies he would define as nightmarish resuscitations in reaction to Chris Rosen at the New York Observer writing an article about Hollywood’s fascination with 1970s movies (ala the New Pelham 1 2 3). I could not resist joining in so here is my expectation if they remade an early 1980’s movie Roosevelt Island residents are mostly familiar with:

"Nighthawks (2010)

Deke DaSilva (Kiefer Sutherland) is an aging vampire (ala Lost Boys) who turned good and is laying low as a cop newly assigned to the NYPD anti-terrorist unit with the goal of hunting down fugitive and much younger vampire / now terrorist Wulfgar (Robert Pattinson). DaSilva’s partner Maddy Fox (Jada Pinkett Smith) is attacked by Wulfgar as she patrols the F Train stop on Roosevelt Island.

The climatic hostage scenes on the Tram would be reshot aboard the newly designed tram cabins which are conducted by futuristic fembot Svedka tram operators who decide they want Wulfgar (Masterson) for their own pleasure at which point he releases the hostages bound for Hudson / Related sponsored Roosevelt Live 2010 performances with the goal of selling / leasing apartments in the still unoccupied buildings 405 and 415 Main Street. "

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