Monday, June 15, 2009

Escalators Reversing Directions or Not Working ?

What’s the deal with our local Roosevelt Island subway escalators?

ES 414 which normally runs down from the Upper to the Lower Mezzanine alternatively shut down for repairs to running "up" to being shut down again.
ES 415 which normally runs up from the Lower to the Upper Mezz has been running as a down escalator and is now also out of service.

ES 411 which normally runs down and ES 412 which normally runs up are both reversed. (They run between the street level to the Upper Mezzanine).
And weren’t we promised some time ago that two of the four escalators which run between the Lower Mezzanine and the platforms would run down to the platforms during the morning rush hours? I think that was in effect for what maybe two weeks. The idea was that the station agent would use their key and put all four back into an up mode after the rush hour concluded.

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