Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Signage Better at Subway Racks Regarding Overnight Bike Ban

It appears that the ongoing overnight bicycle ban at the Subway racks is working allowing a greater number of spots to be available to commuters biking to the Roosevelt Island subway station. The signage also has increased warning bike owners to not leave their bikes out overnight.

If as earlier reported it is true that part of this began due to complaints of the Riverwalk management I wonder if parking in their bike rooms (fee based) has increased or has this simply lead to a greater number of local Riverwalk bikes being paraded through their lobbies and elevators tracking dirt and grime along the way.

I certainly have not seen an increase in bikes locked to street signs and other immovable objects which RIOC also wanted to stop but then again I don’t ever recall that being too much of a problem.


  1. I'm still trying to get confirmation that it's only the racks being cleared so I can lock up to a street sign or fence when I'm out late or overnight.

    Ironically, RIOC is prohibiting additional bike racks (like the one at The Octagon which must be removed). Actually, it's not ironic, it's just stupid. How is this supposed to help anything?

  2. Is the blogger being paid by the developer who banned the bikes? Cause there is not a single bike on these racks now. They've basically outlawed racking your bike. Its pretty obvious what happened. The developer called the safety police and created a law on the spot. The safety police, demonstrating excellent obedience to commercial authority, immediately hauled in all the bikes. When did the developers become the rulemakers on the island?? And why are the Safety Police taking orders from them?? Every municipality in America has a process which involves public hearing of a new proposal. Any other proposal requires a petition signed by hundreds of residents, which mathematically points out the obvious: that 1 developer = 300 residents.

  3. Here's the official answer I got directly from RIOC president Steve Shane (The Octagon rack reference is to a specific question about the rack at my building):

    We are enforcing the policy as to bikes overnight at the Tram and subway only. We have nothing to do with the Octagon bike rack. The purpose of enforcement is to free up the racks for commuters so as to encourage bicycle ridership. Locking to street signs or other "fixtures" is not allowed. If you're out past 2AM, either plan ahead and take the bus or retrieve your bike from PS when and if it is taken from the rack. It's a strange parent that doesn't know their own child. Similarly with bicycles. We are always considering alternatives and want to thank you for your suggestions. The grace period was for the week when the policy was first announced and is not in effect. Enforcement is having a salutary effect. Witness the available spaces in the racks by the Tram and Subway.

    Stephen H. Shane
    President & CEO
    Roosevelt Island Operating Corp.
    (212) 832-4540 x 319
    (212) 832-4582 (fax)

    Basically they're saying "screw you" to legitimate cyclists who happen to be a small enough minority that it's easier to ignore them than to do things more sensibly..... and I have no idea what the "strange parent" thing means.