Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rendering of New Fountain at Tram Plaza Turnaround

I received the above image from the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation in response to my request for a rendering of the new fountain. Based on the description, see below image, it appears that the fountain will have 16 perimeter jets, 5 cascading jets all in addition to a central cascading nozzle. The above image is more a sketch than a true rendering and so we are left to wonder what it really will look like when completed but it gives us some idea.

The fountain additionally will be lit up at night based on the inclusion of 18 low voltage lights. No further renderings were providing but I am hoping to find an image on the manufacturer's web site, a company named Stonewear Fountains.

The turnaround circle certainly needs something whether it called for a fountain is unclear. Anything more than the current dirt will be a welcome change. Although a nice set of manicured bushes and hedges with flowers would certainly have been cheaper and easier to maintain

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