Friday, June 26, 2009

Now Three Fire Call Boxes Out in a Row: Reason for Concern ?

As of this morning three Roosevelt Island Fire Call Boxes are out in a row. Perhaps more but I have seen only three. Yesterday I posted about Box 1915 and now Box 1948, just North of 1915 and which was pictured at the bottom of yesterday's post has a "temporariy out of order" sign. Box 1948 lies on the edge of Rivercross Lawn facing South.

And as pictured above Box 1924 which faces the Tram plaza with its back to new Riverwalk building 405 Main Street has been tagged as well as out of order. It is thought that the issue may be the telecommunications circuit that may connect all three causing the problem. This is not confirmed.

With all three boxes out that means there are no street call boxes from the Tram up through Blackwell House with the first working box being across from 504 Main Street, where PSD currently has their temporary offices.


  1. this should be a concern to RIOC and to Public Safety. I seem to remember that a few years ago there was a big debate over their maintenance and problems caused by infrastructure damage.

  2. The Call Boxes belong to the FDNY... Not NYPD, not RIOC and not Public Safety. If enough people call them, they'll either fix or remove them properly.