Monday, February 9, 2009

Submetering at Roosevelt Landings (FKA Eastwood)

The New York Times ran a story yesterday about the submetering situation at Roosevelt Island's Eastwood complex, now known as Roosevelt Landings, and referred to the emergency meeting held on Saturday as well as the efforts of State Assembly Member Micha Kellner on behalf of the tenants affected.

The comments posted on this blog and others about this situation are amazingly scary. The article in this past weekends Main Street WIRE is a must read.

The issue of whether the heating systems and buildings are energy efficient on Roosevelt Island applies to each of the original WIRE buildings and the possibility of insane sub meter bills could be a possibility in each building. I live in Rivercross and I fully expect that if the building goes private, coming out of Mitchell Lama protections, that my apartment which has old and inefficient electric heaters will also be bound for direct electric bills.

The issues and resolution of the Roosevelt Landings electric bills are of interest to everyone in the original buildings and shoudl be followed closely. It is simply insane to expect many of the seniors in Eastwood to simply turnm down their heat during the daytime when many cannot leave their apartments.

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