Tuesday, February 10, 2009

For Subway Stairs - We're Counted Third !

Apparently a runner from the Prospect Park Track Club who likes climbing subway stairs has counted the Roosevelt Island subway station's steps and placed us third in total stairs among comparable stations:

>209 steps - Lex/63rd Street

>175 steps - Smith Street

>159 steps - Roosevelt Island

So do staircases step up onto little staircases to accept their gold, silver, and bronze medals?

For a video of what it is like to walk down the Roosevelt Island stairs here you are. Note this video was shot before the current restoration was completed of the half the escalators and once completed the stairs no longer felt so closed by the construction walls . Also the lighting is much much better than the light in the video.



  1. No not third best anything. Maybe the third most stairs but the best place to train. Well maintained, fresh air, and I don't think I would annoy anybody if I ran up the stairs and scooted down the escalator 10 or 15 times! You will see me there one afternoon.

  2. The (very) annoying thing is that those stairs are repeating the same (useless) announces.

  3. It is a shame that two of the three stations with the most steps are RI and Lex/63, and are "managed" by the inept and unresponsive MTA.