Friday, February 27, 2009

RIOC's Abramson Speaks at "Meet the Construction Chiefs" Event

The blog Real Estate BISNOW reported that Rosina Abramson, RIOC's Vice President of Planning and Inter-Governmental Affairs, spoke last night at the event "Meet the Construction Chiefs" sponsored by the organization Professional Women in Construction.

According to a web report of the evening by "New York Real Estate Scene by GreenPearl":

"[Ms.] Abramson ... noted that a number of capital projects are underway there, including the rebuilding of the tram, the renovation of the Blackwell House and an educational playground–which will be made from the parts of the old tram to teach children about engineering! She also took a moment to praise Lenore Janis, PWC president, for her farsightedness in, among other things, hosting a meeting that underscored the importance of government during difficult economic times. "Government projects are (economically) counter-cyclical," she noted. She went on to encourage planners, despite the slowdown these days. "Plan, baby, plan," she said, "cause you’ll never know when you’ll be ready to go!""

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