Friday, February 20, 2009

Caution: Playground under Construction Despite Access

I went down to the new Roosevelt Island playground (former Castle playground site) that is behind / between Blackwell House and Eastwood and noted that while the site is obviously not complete that the fencing is horribly insufficient to prevent children from playing on the site exposing them to risk of injury.

While I was there a group of kids ran through and they themselves moved the portable fencing (as shown below) allowing greater access to the site.

There currently are exposed cement edge surfaces by the tables (which themselves are not yet anchored properly) that pose risks in addition to the small mountain of loose wood chips that is sitting along side of the new climbing apparatus just waiting for kids to slide under the unfinished structure. As well as several holes that have yet to be filled in completely.

I will admit I am also concerned how close the play area comes to the water / sprayground area. I would have hoped for some sort of buffer area. It is also unclear as to whether the wood chips will be the final play surface or wehther some sort of rubberized cushion surface wil be installed on top of the wood chips. Was thrilled to see the new swings though.

I have made an inquiry into RIOC to see if the site can be better secured in the period before it is completed and rated as safe for the island's kids. Makes no sense that it was left this open.

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