Thursday, February 12, 2009

Eastwood Submetering Delayed due to PSC Motion to Stay

The State of New York Public Service Commission has issued an Order stayin g a previous order which granted Urban American permission to submeter and issue electric bills to the tenants of Roosevelt Landings (FKA Eastwood).

A large thank you should be sent to each of our elected representatives as well as their staffs, State Assembly Member Micah Kellner, Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, Borough President Scott Stringer, City Council Member Jessica Lappin and State Senator Jose Serrano.

The full text of the stay can HOPEFULLY be read by double clicking the below images:



  2. elsenberg is trying to make roosevelt landinghs into a high end building like southtown and mann. park. what a joke . roosevelt landings has welfare . sec8 ssi people on food stamps . drug users drug sellers and just plain old low lifes ..who should be living in city housing prejects .so how the hell can he think he can ever make this a high end building. these new people move in and within 6 months they move the hell out . what a joke.