Monday, February 23, 2009

Possibly 30 East River Turbines by Mid '10

According to a post by City Limits today if Verdant's application is approved there could be as many as 30 tidal energy capturing turbines by mid 2010 in the East River just off Roosevelt Island.

The article does point out concerns for the River's wild life which has reacted well to the three turbine array but whose reaction to a 30 turbine array is unknown. Erik Baard from the Long Island City Community Boathouse, is also quoted in the article regarding his views that the existing cables "are too close to the surface, presenting hazards to boaters and kayakers. "
“They have got to create a safer cable, rope and buoy system, because what they have now is not safe enough,” Baard said. “I also emphatically don’t want them narrowing or interfering with our navigation. The cables that go to the turbines can do that.” Neither Mr. Baard nor the Long Island City Boathouse filed comments with FERC, but he hopes that Verdant will redesign the 30 turbine array so that connecting cables have more slack, allowing them to drop deeper into the water. Taylor, however, said there will be adjustments to the cables, but no radical changes.

The current turbines partially supply power to the Motorgate Parking Garage as well as the Gristedes. The article does not define where the power generated will be used but earlier reports had the energy being used to power the local Roosevelt Island F Train subway station electrical systems.

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