Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Transportation Forum Tonight at Good Shepherd

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At 7:00 pm tonight, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer is hosting a Roosevelt Island transportation forum that is billed to include several elected officials as well as representatives from several NYC and MTA agencies that will update us to the current state of our transportation alternatives and also be available for questions and problem solving.


  1. Transportation is the least of the issues at this point. What is happening with Eastwood/Roosevelt Landings electricity issue. No one has yet to answer what the credit will be to our rent or when we will get the mock bills. How is anyone supposed to prepare or know if they can even afford it?

  2. Urban American would have to halve the rents for residents to afford the electricity bill. And you cannot work out a payment plan or get energy bill assistance as you would if the bill were going directly to Con Ed. It is going to part of the rent bill and anyone not paying the energy portion is going to be considered in arrears of rent with eviction suit being filed soon thereafter.

  3. I'm sorry I missed the last meeting because of other obligations. So, no one can get any type of assistance since this is not going to directly to Con Ed? Interesting. Great timing by Urban American. The ecconomy in the toilet. People have lost alot in the stock market. People are fearful of losing their jobs and prices on almost everything is going up. Now, there will be for all intensive purposes a major raise in rent for Eastwood tenants-many of whom are on fixed incomes or living from paycheck to paycheck. There are verrrry few affordable apts. out there, so where and what are Eastwood tenants supposed to do? I also find it interesting that Eastwood tenants are not paying Con Ed directly & payment for electric is tied in with the rent. A good way to try to empty the building and get market rates for the apts.