Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fire at 546 Main St.; One Death Reported

According to televised news reports, a fire on Roosevelt Island early this morning, at approximately 5:30 am, resulted in one death on an unnamed resident. The fire at 546 Main Street was initially reported to have been in a Ninth Floor apartment but later reported as the Eleventh Floor. A partial sequencing of the FDNY response is as follows:

Phone Box 1940 - Report of fire on the 9th floor @ 540 Main St.

Engs. 260, 262, 258L116, TL115Battalion 45(*Rescue 4, normally assigned on RI structural boxes, unavailable due to Queens 3rd alarm Box 4675)

05:32 hours10-12 (1st due units give preliminary) for Battalion 45.

10-77-1940 - 05:35 hoursE263E14 (High Rise Nozzle Engine Co.)E259 (Lobby Control Unit)E39 w/ High Rise 2TL117, L16L2 is the FAST truckBattalion 8Battalion 10 (Safety Officer)Division 14Rescue 2 S/CSquad 252 S/C(*multiple special units unavailable due to Queens 3rd alarm Box 4675)

CIDs for 540 Main St:.MD 19 story 50x250. Home for senior citizens. Multiple disabled throughout. No duplex apartments, interconnected with 538 and 546 Main Streets. Oxygen throughout.


05:56 hoursEMS reports they are on scene, request location of the Aided.BC45: Aided is in front of the fire building.

06:08 hoursE58 is switching to Queens, relocating to E262

06:10 hours - Duration 43 minutes.Division 14: Box 1940, main body of fire has been knocked down, primary searches are complete and negative, secondaries are in progress. Fire is Probably Will Hold. We need the fire marshals to respond, the 10-45 is a code 1 (Black Tag, Deceased). Mixer-off message.


06:14 hoursMarshals are en route

06:15 hoursDC14: Box 1940, we're going Under Control at this time, secondary searches are complete and negative at this time.

06:23 hoursDC14: We have a correction on the fire apartment, corrected apartment is 11-06, it's the 11th floor.

The details of the fire and the sequencing of the FDNY's response were be found on The top photo of Ladder 116 was not taken this morning. By 8am no fire trucks were remaining on Main Street South of Good Shepherd Church and all that remained were the various news trucks covering the tragedy.

Update: 9:52am
According to local ABC news affiliate Eyewitness News"[t]he victim, a woman in her 70s, was rushed to the hospital where she died. "

Fire Box - Box 1940 - Main Street

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